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Quartz and Related Structures

Picture of alpha Quartz lattice

alpha quartz icon
α (low) Quartz
beta quartz icon
β (high) Quartz (C8)
Monoclinic (Cc) Low Tridymite icon
Monoclinic (Cc)
Low Tridymite
orthorhombic tridymite icon
Orthorhombic Tridymite
tridymite icon
β Tridymite (C10)
alpha cristobalite icon
α (low) Cristobalite
(SiO2) Structure
Ideal beta cristobalite icon
Ideal β-Cristobalite
(C9, SiO2) Structure
Coesite icon
Coesite (SiO2)
Keatite icon
Keatite (SiO2)
SiO2 P2 icon
P2 (SiO2)
Cr Si_2 icon
CrSi2 (C40) Structure
zircon icon
Zircon (ZrSiO4) Structure

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